1. For optimal performance, we recommend charging the YourFreshJuiceBlender® Bottle Blender before initial use. Align the three magnets on the charger with the corresponding magnets on the blender's base. While the blender comes partially charged, we recommend charging it for at least three hours to ensure extended use. During charging, the charger light will flash and turn off once the blender is fully charged.

2. Prior to initial use, it's imperative to clean the YourFreshJuiceBlender® Bottle Blender thoroughly. Please note that the blender's base should not be submerged in water. To add ingredients, both ends of the blender can be opened with ease.

3. To preserve the longevity of the blades, we recommend layering liquids first and adding ice or frozen fruit last. It's also essential to ensure that there is adequate liquid when blending with ice to achieve optimal results.

4. Please ensure not to fill the YourFreshJuiceBlender® Bottle Blender with ingredients beyond the handle level. Overfilling can hinder its operation, and it's crucial to avoid exceeding the maximum capacity for optimal performance.

5. To ensure that the Your Fresh Juice Blender® Bottle Blender functions correctly, it's essential to align the semi-circle on the blender glass with the dots on the blender base. Failure to do so may hinder its operation, and the blender will not function unless properly aligned.

6. To commence blending, please press the ON button on the blender base twice. This simple step is all that's needed to start blending your favorite ingredients effortlessly.



1. The power button on the base will flash red if there is something caught under the blade. To resolve, remove the base and clear under the blades.
2. The power button on the base will flash red if the blender needs to be charged. The blender won't blend until charged.